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Have you signed the petition yet to suspend any actions concerning the replacement of roofs and fire alarm systems until such time that we have obtained enough votes to remove and re-elect a new board?
You can obtain a petition form HERE. To return it, either scan it and return it to our email address or send it to the address on the proxy form.  If you have any questions, please contact us.
For those of you who received notice by mail, you can either scan the petition for email return, or return it to the address on the letterhead.
This section will be posting the license numbers of SPEEDERS seen within the
Highline Meadows Complex.


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Who the Members of the Reclamation Project Endorse for the New Board

We are proud to announce that former Highline Meadows Board Member Steve Mericle, Patti and Kerry Miller, have joined our efforts to recall the current Board of Directors at Highline Meadows. 

HMRP is endorsing Steve Mericle, Kerry and/or Patti Miller, for the new Board of Directors at Highline Meadows.  Steve was involved with removing the Board in 1989 and correcting many issues at HMCA, while reducing the budget, increasing the reserves account.  These two have a proven track record in this Community for doing what is in the best interests of our Community.  Kerry was voted off the Board (arranged by Denise/TMMC) for asking too many questions about the Budget.  Patti has a background in finance, as well as does Kerry.
We want you to know what is really going on regarding the 2011 Special Assessment

THE ROOFS:  The Highline Meadows Board of Directors and TMMC are opting to use Alpine Roofing for the company to replace our roofs.  Understand, Alpine Roofing is the company that we currently have, WHO ALREADY DOES SUCH A POOR JOB.  How did this same company mysteriously bid the lowest out of the 3 bids that were suppose to be received?  The roof that is planned for our buildings is essentially the same as what we currently have (which doesn't work) and only has a 10 year warranty.

One of the issues with the roof currently planned is that it ignores the currently available government rebates available for new roofs.  

Former Board Member Steve Mericle presented a company to our Board and TMMC/Denise who could replace our roofs (with a pitched roof) at 30% to 50% less, and we would receive a government rebate for what we do spend on a new roof, plus the new roof would be guaranteed for 30 years ... THAT IS 3 TIMES LONGER THAN THE ROOF ALPINE ROOFING SOLD US!!

The current Board of Directors and TMMC has not presented viable options to the community and allow the COMMUNITY to decide what we want to spend our money on.

What would you want ... the same roof that would put us back in the same position we are currently in in about 10 years?

Or a pitched roof that costs much less, that we will get a federal rebate on and has a 30 year warranty?

Even Insurance Companies and Roofing Companies 
See the Special Assessment as Ridiculous

One of the Highline Meadows Homeowners has informed us that he spoke with a roofer and his insurance adjuster and was informed that a roof to cover one townhome (500 sq.ft.) should cost no more than $1,900.00.  That is $199,280.00 for all 9 townhomes.  Understanding that there are 10 condo buildings, and the square footage is likely more per building ... I am going to say that based on that estimate, all of our roofs should cost no more than about $450,000.00 .... NOT $1.2 Million.
Reclamation Project:

As many of you may recall, a question arose at the 2011 Annual Meeting about TMMC/Denise's husband performing work at Highline Meadows. Denise firmly responded that her husband works for a "Major Commercial Construction Company" (listen to the Annual Meeting recording below at approximately the location of the red arrow).

The "Major Commercial Construction
Company" is called "Virtus Build". This
picture was taken on May 27, 2011, as
TMMC/Denise's husband was seen
carrying equipment into the Highline 
Meadows Clubhouse as they began his
daily remodeling of the clubhouse with 
HMCA President Sharon Kellogg.

So one has to ask ... if Richard Haas
works for a "Major Commercial
Construction Company", what is he 
doing here at Highline Meadows on a 
Monday morning at 9am?

Answer:  Not only does TMMC/Denise's
husband own "Virtus Build" (established
in 2009), but Denise has actually filed
documents with the Colorado Secretary
of State for this company with her name
on those documents, and they have the
same address and suite number as 
TMMC in Castle Rock.

           Virtus Build Articles of Incorporation

           Virtus Build Annual 2010 Report

           BBB Report showing TMMC Address
Highline Meadows Annual Meeting
January 18, 2011

HMRP Representatives and Homeowners stayed at the Annual Meeting when all the other Board Members decided to walk out of the meeting instead of discussing issues with the HMCA Homeowners.

HMRP's response to the Annual Meeting:

Denise/TMMC Statement:  The Annual Meeting was not to be recorded for the Homeowner's sake of openess and pursuant to the HOA's rules and regualtions.

HMRP's Response:  We cannot find any rules or regualtions that prohibit any recordings of the HOA's meetings.
Denise/TMMC Statement:  The roofing contractor (that HMRP member Stever Mericle sent to TMMC for bidding of our roofs) said that TMMC's estimate for the roofing project was correct.

HMRP's Response:  We spoke with the roofing contractor we submitted two days prior to and the day following the Annual Meeting.  The roofing contractor did attempt to speak with TMMC and was rejected.  TMMC told him they had the contractor they were using already.  At no time did he confirm that TMMC's roofing contractor was correctly repairing our roofs.

Denise/TMMC Statement:  That HVAC and Satellite Dishes would NOT have to be moved using TMMC's chosen roofing contractor; however, using other roofing contractors Homeowners might be subject to loss of TV reception and possible inoperable HVAC systems.

HMRP's Response:  Alpine Roofing has clearly noted on their roofing estimate that satellite systems could well be interrupted and HVAC systems might be damaged during the re-roffing process.

Alan/HMCA President's Statement:  Alan closed the official Annual Meeting because Quorum was not reached and no other Annual Meeting date was set in the near future.  Denise/TMMC stated that voting by the board to fill the vacancies on the board would occur at the Feb, 2011, board meeting.

HMRP's Response:  At the Annual Meeting, pursuant to Art. III, sect. 3, at such meetings there shall be elected by a ballot of the Owners a Board of Directors in accordance with Art. IV, sect. 5 of these By-Laws.  If any meeting of Owners cannot be organized because a quorum has not attended, the Owners who are present … may adjourn the meeting to a time not less than 48 hours from the time the original meeting is called.  Art. III, sect. 6, By-Laws. 

Brad/HMCA Secretary's Statement:  That there must be 152 votes to reach Quorum at HMCA.

HMRP's Response:  HMCA consists of 298 units = 150 is majority to reach Quorum … not 152.  Art. I, sect. 1.2, Declarations, Art. II, sect. 1, ByLaws

HMCA Board Statement:  That  the Board members and TMMC respond to emails, letters, and phone calls, from HMCA Homeowners.  The Board DID recognized that there is a lack of communication between the Board and Homeowners.
HMRP's Response:  Numerous HMCA Homeowners have attempted to contact board members and TMMC.  For those who have their contact information, most questions, letters, emails, or phone calls, are not responded to.
Highline Meadows
Annual Meeting
January 18, 2011
Listen to the Annual Meeting Here! 
Homeowners of Highline Meadows
Need to Stand Up!!

Seriously!!!  The Homeowners of Highline Meadows need to stand up and say ... ENOUGH!!  We deserve to be treated right ... TMMC and the Board need to follow the CC&R's, they need to be accountable for the use of our money, and they need to get this HOA back in shape.
Homeowners need to stop the non-sense and fight back !!!  

 When I was growing up in the Denver area, a pond near my house had hundreds of Koi in it.
We can buy Koi here ... McBride's Oakridge Koi.  I think the bundles of mid-sized Koi would be best.
We would like to take up a collection from Homeowners, purchase the Koi, and put them in the pond.

Our Pond Needs Some Fish!!!

As I am sure most of you remember the carp and other fish that we had in our pond prior to last year's pond disaster.  Well everyone loves this pond.  The most effective form of biological control for ponds are the use of the herbivorous fish, the Grass Carp or the Koi.  The Koi are a beautiful fish.
There Seems to be Some Confusion About the Court-Rulling
on the 2008 Special Assessment

I originally posted an article on this site about the 2008 Special Assessment and 
how the Arapahoe County Courts ruled the 2008 assessment was improper (illegal).  On 
August 6, 2009, Arapahoe County Court found by a preponderance of the 
evidence that the HOA did not have the authority to levy the special assessment
in 2008.  THE COURT'S DECISION WAS NEVER APPEALED.   My neighbor and
I are the parties involved in this case ... so we know a bit about it.

Denise/TMMC and the Board then argued for attorney fees ... they lost that
argument as well.  The Court found that my neighbor and I did not have to pay 
attorney fees.  Why?  Because under Colorado law there must be a prevailing 
party to a claim brought, while furthermore if a claim or defense is brought in 
good faith, then C.R.S. 13-17- 103, supported by 13-17-102(6) which states 
that "No party who is appearing without an attorney shall be assessed attorney 
fees unless the court finds that the party clearly knew or reasonably should have 
known that his action or defense, or any part thereof, was substantially frivolous, substantially groundless, or substantially vexatious ...", bars an award of attorney fees.

Yet I am being told that Denise/TMMC through telephone conversations has been telling Homeowners various stories, such as:  "The case was appealed and reversed by the Court" and that the "Court decision does not apply to all Homeowners".  THESE ARE LIES!

DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON??  It is quite simple.  TMMC asked their attorney, Hindeman/Sanchez, for solutions to the Court Order against the 2008 Special Assessment due to the above mentioned Court Decision.  Their attorney told them that they have three (3) choices ... (1) Give everyone back
their money ... (2) Make each Homeowner take the HOA to court ... or (3) Create another Special Assessment and give all Homeowners credit for the 2008 Special Assessment.  (NOTE: There is not one mention in this letter from the attorney that the Special Assessment is needed for new roofs and the fire monitoring system for
the condos ... it is only concerned with the 2008 Special Assessment monies.  This  letter is telling the Board and TMMC to make up reasons for a new SpecialAssessment, and then give credit to the Homeowners who paid the illegal 2008 Special Assessment so they don't have to give the Homeowners their
money back who payed the 2008 Special Assessment.  

This is why the HOA and TMMC came up with this 2011 Special Assessment letter 
in December of 2010, explaining that we need roofs and fire monitoring for the condos
and that all Homeowners who paid the 2008 Assessment will now get credit.  It isn't 
coincidence that all of these documents and the 2010 Special Assessment correspond
with each other.

Yes, we do need roofs, there is no argument there, but that is not why the 2010 (what 
TMMC calls the 2011) Special Assessment was established ... and is likely the reason 
why the 2010 Special Assessment is so HIGH!

Furthermore, if all the discussion about the new Special Assessment is on the up-and-up,
why is the Board hiding the discussion from the Homeowners?  The below image on the left 
is from the Actual Regular Board Meeting Minutes of January 13, 2010, while the below image on the right is the Board Meeting Minutes of January 13, 2010, that were made available to the Homowners.

Increase in Monthly Dues?

As those of you who attend the monthly HOA meetings know, at the October meeting our efforts to keep this community informed where denounced.  This was repeated in the November newsletter.
So let us recap the October 2009 HOA meeting.  At the meeting Highline Meadows Reclamation Project was talked about, even asking if we could be arrested.  Future special assessments and monthly dues were likewise discussed and it was clearly stated by TMMC and the Board, that "there will be no assessment in the forseeable future.  In fact our fees are not even going up a dollar".
Well that was in October ... in December ... here come the increase in the Monthly Dues ... right on schedule.
section V.c.ii.
between these
two documents
Actual Regular Board Meeting Minutes of January 13, 2010
Regular Board Meeting Minutes of January 13, 2010, made available to Homeowners
We are here fighting for YOUR rights.  GET INVOLVED!!   If you are interested in any of the topics discussed here, or have any suggestions about Highline Meadows' activities or projects ....
You can contact the
Highline Meadows Reclamation Project.
Members of the Highline Meadows Reclamation Project met with numerous Homeowners to discuss future goals relating to the removal of the Board of Directors.  We discussed the legality of the currently sitting Board, options relating to possible litigation against the Board members and TMMC, the legality of the 2010 (2011) Special Assessment, and the decision to continue with gathering proxies to remove the current Board of Directors.

Since this month's Homeowner Forum and Board Meeting, proxies have increased.  This is great as we hope to be reaching our goal soon, and surpassing the actual proxies needed to remove the Board.   KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK HOMEOWNERS!!!!
The articles in this section involve Highline Meadows and/or TMMC.
About Our Roofs!

I just want to preface this by saying that ... we are all hoping that this is going to be a great roof.   However, there are some things that we should know ...

  • I spoke with an Independent Claims Investigator about our roofs.  He firmly stated that TPO roofing is definitely NOT THE BEST CHOICE.  There are often seam failures and UV damages also take a large toll on TPO roofing.

  • Many roofers, and roofing experts have found a distrust for the TPO roofing products.

  • We should also take notice that even Johns Manville's fire testing shows that TPO roofing has fire hazards. 

  • There is concern about installing TPO in cold weather ... if the seams are not properl;y heated ... which oftentimes involves heating the seam several times.

  • Another concern I have is that our complex is considered a commerical property ... which is not covered by the warranty that Alpine Roofing is claiming we have.
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I have found a fantastic way to deal with our HOA ... I bought Danny Pebbles' Guide to Association Living.  It's a great DVD series teaching you how to deal with HOA corruption.  He teaches you how to not stress over what your Board is doing ... you are only losing your home and everything you've worked for.  I mean, things could be alot worse ... you could actually be happy and living a stress-free life.  And then where would you be!?

So do what I did ... I bought this DVD series and I only paid $20,000 dollars!  That's a steal ... at least I got 8 blank DVDs!  Our HOA is making us pay a huge Special Assessment for roofs that will never be completed.  You think we will?  Pay the Assessment and wait ... the thieves of Highline will take your money, laugh in your face, and tell you so many lies that you'll believe you got over on them!
Here we have graphs supplied by a Homeowner who has studied our budget.  Many questions have been raised concerning the use of our monies within our HOA.  These graphs make it unquestionably clear that our spending is out of control, and that the value of our homes is diminishing.   Keep in mind that these graphs only reflect spending through about March of 2011.  TO VIEW THE GRAPHS, CLICK ON THEM.
So there has been some discussion between a Homeowner and the Board of Highline Meadows.  The discussion is about Denise/TMMC's termination/resignation from various communities around the Denver area.  The Board doesn't seem to know, or believe, that Denise/TMMC has been or would be fired as HOA manager.

A little history.  Second Jefferson Green in Lakewood fired TMMC when they realized the poor managment they were receiving from TMMC.  Cherry Creek Farm, while sharing information with the Highline Meadows Reclamation Project, organized removing and replacing three (3) Board members who were supporters of TMMC, whereupon Denise/TMMC resigned.  The most recent was 
The Cay at Marina Pointe, who organized with the Highline
Meadows Reclamation Project, and removed their entire Board,
who were TMMC supporters, whereupon Denise/TMMC
immediately resigned.
THE CAY AT                   MARINA POINTE
As always, the meeting began with a statement of "NO RECORDING".  Homeowners questioned this policy.  
Sharon stated that the "no recording" 
  is mandated by SB 100.  It should be noted that nowhere in SB100 is there such a requirement.

The Board was again asked to provide the community with a copy of the 3 bids for the roofing project.  The Board and TMMC continue to put off responding to any requests for this information.

The Board also advised the community as to the progress of the roofing project.  They noted that 2 buildings are completed, along with 1/3 of another building.  The community asked when the next roofing phase will begin.  Denise advised that the next phase will begin around August 2011.  Now we have to ask ... if the phases of this roofing project are taking over a year to finish, then why
wasn't this project set up so that Homeowners didn't have to pay such a high assessment 
all at once ... this roofing project should have been scheduled for 
completion over several years so that Homeowners were not 
burdened with trying to pay for this Special Assessment.

As many Homeowners may remember, Denise/TMMC was 
asked to contact the insurance  company regarding our insurance 
covering repair of the roofs.  Denise stated she would do this,
and show everone the letter.  This has not happened to date.  We 
had actually spoken with a roofing company who advised us that 
there was in fact hail damage to our roofs in 2009, and that we have
 6 years to make that claim.  The roofs are something that needs to 
be covered by insurance.  Most  Homeowners in our community
are not able to pay this Assessment and are therefore willing to walk 
away instead of paying this.

We have recently discussed our mansards with a roofing company.  They sell the same roofing tiles that are on Broadway Ramparts mansards ... watch this video.  These roofing tiles have a minimum 50 year warranty!  
I'M BACK!!!!  So I really wanted to stay away ... No, I really did!   But this HOA is just not going to let me do that.

So how many times are we going to do this?!   A few years
ago we paid 1.2 million for new roofs.   A couple of living units
got new roofs, while the rest of us got leak after leak after leak.
I myself had to recently file a claim with my insurance company
for repairs in my unit, and they in turn will have to force the
HOA to pay up!   Did I want to do this ... of course not!   However, 
the inside of my unit is destroyed by water damage.

So now after 5 years of paying for the new roofs, and not getting one ... we are back to new assessments for the roofs.  They are replacing mansards to make people think that we have new roofs.  Yet, the leaks tell a much different story!

I understand that many of the Highline homeowners are not privy to information provided to our Board members.  In October 20, 2009, Alpine Roofing provided an estimate, wherein the President of Alpine stated that the townhouses were the worse and would cost $42,885.00 per 8-plex townhome.   That is $5,360.62 per unit in an 8 plex ... yet the owners of the 8-plex were charged $8,562.55 (2 bdrm) and $11,297.90 (3 bdrm).   That is $79,441.80 for that 8-plex townhome!   Do you see where I am going with this!?

So not only did we not get our EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE ROOF .... but now we have to pay for sealing our old roof because the HOA did not replace the roof that we paid for.

If you are sick and tired of this non-sense ... email me and let's get something happening.